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The Hotsuma Legends: Echoes of Antiquity


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‘Hotsuma Legends’ is how I translate Hotsuma Tsutae – an elaborate epic of Japanese mythology thought, by some, to record Japan’s prehistory as it happened.

The Hotsuma Tsutae is written in a unique indigenous script said to be 2,500 years old.

But there’s one problem.

Writing is not supposed to have existed in Japan until Chinese culture arrived in the early centuries AD. In fact, the Hotsuma Tsutae would overturn a number of established views on Japanese prehistory if it were proved genuine. Then a lot of people would have egg on their face.

And so, it’s commonly thought to be a hoax.

But is it?

Could any of it be genuinely ancient?

That’s what I’ll be examining in The Hotsuma Legends: Echoes of Antiquity.

The result could be interesting.

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Excerpts from The Hotsuma Legends: Echoes of Antiquity will appear on these pages over the coming weeks and months. Scroll down to see more.

Click here to see a sample chapter from the Hotsuma Tsutae in English.

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1. Prologue

2. Kanda, Tokyo, August 1966

3. The Age of the Hotsuma Tsutae

4. The Hotsuma Script

5. Language of the Hotsuma Tsutae

6. The Hotsuma Legends: Forty Tales



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